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Better Communication is Better Selling

AllComm Auto brings you the first ever auto dealership phone system with call tracking built in.

Streamline your communications with a simpler, fully integrated phone and call tracking solution.

Capture All Communication

Desk Phones 100%
Cell Phones 100%
Text Messages 100%
IM Messages 100%


Costly, Outdated Systems

Today auto dealers use multiple vendors for their phone and call tracking services, paying for duplicate phone systems. It’s expensive, unreliable and incomplete: On average only 30% of inbound calls are tracked, creating a huge gap of untracked leads and lost sales data, especially for business done on mobile devices.


Simplified, Reliable Service

Our All-in-One platform integrates call tracking directly into your cloud-based phone system so it’s 100% reliable. You record and report every interaction, and easily switch between your desk phone, computer, and mobile device. Track 100% of leads from start to finish, all synced directly to your CRM. It’s easy to use and costs less.

The Last Phone System You’ll Ever Need

Communications at your dealership will run smoother, be more accurate, and provide better team performance insights. Here’s what you can expect:

Designed for Auto Dealerships

The All-in-One solution was developed to eliminate the communication frustrations of auto dealerships and improve their customer interactions.

Never Lose a Lead Again

Record and report on 100% of all inbound/ outbound calls, texts and messages, and sync them directly to your CRM so you never miss an opportunity.

Spend Less, Get More

Cut your telecom costs in half by eliminating the need for multiple vendors and contracts and consolidating 3 services into 1 platform.

Increased Marketing ROI

Easily trace every lead from its original lead source through its entire lifecycle so you know which marketing channels are generating sales.

Advanced Cloud Phone System

Cloud technology easily scales with your needs, automatically updates with zero onsite maintenance, and is 100% secure so it will never fail.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Create custom, real-time reports detailing every metric you want – gain clarity into the areas of your business that are most important to you.

Schedule a FREE Cost Analysis

We’ll audit your current systems to show how AllComm Auto can save you up to 50% on your telecom bills.


Decrease costs, simplify processes, and optimize profits.


Stop losing leads and track every prospect from first touch to close of sale.


Capture 100% of communications from every device, and increase customer contacts and monthly sales.

It’s delivered to the dealership on one, easy-to-use interface with phone numbers that the dealership owns.

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Dealership Owner

Save Money, Increase Potential

Consolidate to one provider for your phone carrier, call tracking, costly maintenance and IT support; eliminating the need for separate systems and decreasing contract costs. The average dealership saves 50% or $2,000 per month, per rooftop with AllComm Auto’s All-in-One solution.

And we deliver better performance.

  • 100% Lead Capture
  • Record and Report on Every Device
  • 100% Cloud Security and Reliability
  • On-Demand System Scalability
  • Seamless CRM Integration
  • Custom Sales Reporting
  • One Intuitive Interface
  • Advanced Virtual Sales Tools
  • Customized Video Vehicle Tours
  • Streamline Internal Communications
  • Own All of Your Phone Numbers
  • One Sales Number, Multiple Devices
  • Keep Client Data Despite Sales Turnover
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Have a look Under the Hood

Our team is 100% focused on serving auto dealerships and providing friendly, responsive customer support. We understand dealerships’ phone and call tracking needs, and pride ourselves in bringing huge improvements to the costly, outdated systems that are typically used. With deep roots in the telecom industry, we pass our savings and expertise on to you. We invite you to learn more about us.