Updating Your Auto Dealership Phone and Communication System: Is It Worth It?

An auto dealership phone and communication system is the front line of sales. 


Consider this fact: the majority of people who call a dealership are looking to buy a car. Their call is your sale. That sale is why your business exists. 


So yes, it is absolutely worth it to have an updated phone and communication system. 


Perhaps You’re Thinking: But, Our (Old) Phone System Works Just Fine


We hear this often. The phones you have aren’t broken, you’re busy running a business, so why bother with the hassle of making changes? 


Our answer is to make the changes. Why? Because we also hear this all the time: how thankful dealerships are when they update to a system that uses modern technology. We hear about how sales are better, sales staff is happier, and customers appreciate the seamless communication and ability to access a salesperson quickly. 


An Updated System Helps You Make More Sales


Very importantly, a modern phone and communication system can help you stop missing calls. Because, as was pointed out up top, a missed call can easily be a missed sale. Typically, people call a dealership because they’ve done their research and they’re ready to buy. If you don’t answer, they’re on to the next dealership. 


An up-to-date system can make sure calls are routed correctly and get into the hands of an available salesperson. Gone are the days when everyone must be tethered to a desk phone: now calls can be picked up directly on a salesperson’s cell phone, laptop, touch pad, or desktop computer. That person can be at their desk, on the lot, at home—wherever there is internet availability.

At AllComm Auto, we also understand how to set up systems that can track all missed calls and who missed them. This helps you understand why, when, and where calls are getting missed, so you can fix that. 


If your system is like many we see in the dealership world, you may not even know that there are calls being missed at all. Why leave the door open to this possibility? 


What Does an Updated Phone and Communication System Look Like? 


AllComm Auto understands that the world of telecom can be confusing and overwhelming. So we’ll cut to the chase. The one big and smart trend in business phones is moving to a cloud-based system. This is the current reality and future for any multi-device communication network, and dealerships are no exception. 


We call this a multi-device system, because it’s not just for phones: as we alluded to above, cloud-based systems can accommodate laptops, desk tops, cell phones, desk phones, and touch pads: any machine that has an internet connection is fair game. 


These systems are more secure, agile, and reliant than any of the older technology. We know that on average, businesses change phone systems only every quarter century, so these changes need to count. A cloud-based system is a change worth making. 


Why Update With AllComm Auto


At heart, AllComm is a telecom broker, and there are a lot of companies out there similar to us, but we stand out for dealerships in two very critical ways. 


AllComm is one of the only companies that focuses specifically on the very distinct needs of auto dealerships. We saw dealership needs that weren’t being met, and we learned how to meet them. Our stellar team brings over 20 years of experience in telecom and our expertise in the needs of auto dealerships to you. 


AllComm also have dedicated staff to service your account for as long as you’re with us. We don’t just sell you a plan and leave you to deal with it yourself afterward. We take care of answering your questions, taking care of issues and problems, and helping you with changes when you need them. One call for all your communication and phone needs for as long as you’re with us. That’s it.


It’s Easy to Update Your Phone and Communication System 


Our five-star team makes it easy for you to upgrade your system. We listen to what you want, assess what you have, and provide you with suitable options and transparent pricing. Our business succeeds only if you are happy for the long-term, so we make sure we meet that goal to the best of our ability. 


Another common bit of feedback we hear all the time: car dealers didn’t realize how bad their old system was and what a hassle it was. Updated systems are truly easier to use and, best of all, they help your team make more sales.