We created AllComm Auto because we saw ways to improve the communication systems at auto dealerships. We are experts in the telecom business, and we noticed that the services most car dealers were using were costing them too much money and time. And we knew there was technology that would do a better job. 

We provide any telecom services you need; we offer individual as well as complete telecom services and solutions, with the aim of lowering costs and improving performance.

Our most popular solution is the All-in-One, cloud-based phone system and call monitoring service. It is simply the best, fully integrated communication platform for auto dealerships and was developed specifically with their needs in mind. Dealers can now turn to one vendor for all their telecom and call tracking needs. The cloud system is 100% more reliable and functions better than what dealerships have historically used. 

It utilizes new, flexible, simple-to-use technologies. Technologies that allow dealers to work across the multiple devices they, their sales people, and their customers use every day. Because better communication is better selling. 

This All-in-One solution offers many benefits; here are our favorite five. 

  1. Decrease Costs

On average, AllComm Auto saves dealerships 50% per rooftop on their telecommunications services with this solution. We’re able to lower the costs of your phone and call monitoring systems for five primary reasons. 

  • It’s more efficient. You pay for one integrated communication system instead of two or three overlapping, redundant services. 
  • All of your telecom needs are bundled with one provider. You no longer have to pay someone to negotiate and maintain multiple accounts, and you no longer have to pay your IT person to maintain in-house phone and server equipment or to navigate your clunky phone and tracking set-up. 
  • It’s housed in the cloud. You save on space, cooling, maintenance, and electricity costs associated with housing and upkeep of an on-site phone system. 
  • A unified communication platform for every department and every location. Whether you have a single rooftop or multiple locations, this solution streamlines your communication between every department and links locations to each other. 
  • Our relationships. We have a long background and strong relationships in the telecommunications industry. It’s where we got our start. Because of that, we can negotiate lower costs and we pass those savings on to you. 

If you want to know how much the AllComm all-in-one system can save you, we always invite you to contact us for a free consultation. You can also download this PDF for another look at how AllComm saves you money. 

  1. One Solution, One Vendor: Save Time, Hassle, Money

Most dealerships navigate several different providers to get their telecom and call tracking needs covered. This is because historically that’s been the only way to get these service needs met. That isn’t true anymore. The technology is here, and it’s time for an upgrade.

This single solution utilizes a flexible cloud phone system while tracking all calls, IMs, and texts from start to finish, and it allows sales execs to easily switch between devices while seamlessly syncing all of that data directly to your CRM. 

  1. Stop Losing Leads 

The traditional call tracking system requires you to hire a 3rd party call tracking or call monitoring service to gather data on a portion of your calls. Unfortunately, on average, only 30% of inbound leads are monitored and the 3rd party owns the phone numbers you”rent” from them. Said another way: you are missing data on approximately 70% of leads. You should be asking yourself questions like: What happened with all of those leads?  Where did they come from? Did they convert? Did a sales person take them to another dealership when they left your business?

This lead loss is especially high with sales conducted via mobile phone calls, which is increasingly becoming how people do business. Not only is mobile phone data not typically tracked or synced to your CRM, sales people are able to take all of those valuable contacts, YOUR contacts, with them. 

Considering that every lead is a potential sale, this is an enormous potential loss to your bottom line. It’s important that your communication and call tracking system can adapt with the changing times. 

With the AllComm solution, dealerships own all of their phone numbers (including sales execs mobile numbers) so you keep all of your contacts while tracking every lead, no matter where it comes from. We capture every cell call, desk call, text message, and IM. With this complete reporting, you’ll also have a much clearer picture of what marketing efforts are working to generate not just leads, but which leads convert to sales. We track every lead from start to finish. 

  1. Excellent Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing impeccable account management and customer service, and firmly believe that value is what sets us apart from any other telecom provider. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about our products and services, and our focus is on providing this service to auto dealerships. We know a lot about your pain points and how to help you find solutions. 

AllComm Auto wants you to get the information and assistance you need quickly and leave you with a smile. We aim to not just provide you with a product that is efficient and easy to use, but also the ongoing service to make sure that product delivers for you day after day. 

  1. Future-Proof

In essence, we see this all-in-one solution as the ideal replacement of outdated technology with  current possibilities. We saw the cost efficiency, reliability and scalability of cloud-based phone systems, and reimagined how they could be integrated to solve the issues we saw in auto dealer telecommunications. Working with emerging technology, we offer a simple solution that is easily updatable and designed to flex over time as needed. 

We call this future proofing, and it means that we can continue to seamlessly maintain and improve your services with changing times. It also means we can accommodate whatever specific changes you may need in the months and years ahead. The system can scale to accommodate no matter what your business demands over time. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We know that your communications and tracking system is vitally important to your business. We see how your phones, call monitoring, ROI, and sales are linked. We’re here to help you make better communication happen.

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