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AllComm Auto is the leader in providing advanced, customized telecom solutions to the auto industry.

We pride ourselves in helping dealerships become better connected — to their customers and each other.

With more than 20 years of telecom experience, we’ve developed a lot of amazing client and partner relationships.

AllComm Auto was born from a common need we saw in the marketplace. We noticed in the car sales industry that phone and call tracking systems were clunky and outdated. Clients had to cobble together old and new technology that just didn’t mesh that well. We learned about the high costs for the multiple services they used, the headaches of managing all those accounts and contracts, and the complicated steps to make them all work. And in the end, it still didn’t get the job done that well. 

We knew there was a better way: the result is AllComm Auto. We founded our business to help dealerships build better, more reliable, more complete cloud connected phone systems that would improve their bottom linesby lowering costs, creating greater connectivity, and improving their ability to sell. 

We also knew we couldn’t just provide a better product, we also prioritized customer service. One call to our team, means total support. These efforts are noticed by our clients: we often hear that our agents are the “difference makers” in working with us. 

We sincerely look forward to working together.

Dustin Reidel


Johnny Villatoro

Head of Sales

Karla Villatoro

Head of Service