Car Sales Person on cell phone Auto Dealer Phone Systems, Call Monitoring, ROI, and Car Sales: How They’re Linked

Auto dealer phone systems, call monitoring, ROI, and car sales—every element is critical to your dealership business. And they are all linked: here’s how.

Your Phone System is Your Lifeline

At auto dealerships, your phone and communication system is your link to clients and potential customers—it’s your most important sales technology. If your system doesn’t work well, if it’s old or inefficient, you’re at risk of losing leads and of losing sales.

Customers, especially in the time of COVID, want and oftentimes expect to communicate seamlessly, from and to anywhere, and in a variety of ways: on the phone, via texts, over video chats. They want to be able to exchange photos and documents. They want to be connected to their salesperson easily and smoothly.

You want that, too. You want your sales staff to feel organized and professional. You want them to be able to access the tools they need to create the best experiences possible for callers.

If your phone system can’t deliver, if your customer’s experience is clunky and unreliable, you risk them looking elsewhere. If your sales people are frustrated by lost messages, incomplete information, and a poorly functioning communication system, they won’t be able to do their job well. This business is too competitive to risk on an outdated, inefficient system.

An integrated system that works across multiple platforms and devices is a step in the right direction. Additionally, a cloud-based phone system is becoming the industry standard.

Call Monitoring (aka Call Recording, Call Tracking, and Call Reporting)

In hand with your phone system, this is how you keep track of incoming leads as well as monitor sales team performance and client interest. How you get and keep customers is the heart of your business. Key insights about both of those metrics come from your call monitoring system:

  • Where your are leads coming from
  • What callers are asking for
  • Which leads convert to sales
  • Which salespeople are closing and why
  • Call quality and duration
  • How salespeople are interacting with callers

Certainly there are even more valuable takeaways from this service, but the point is clear: a reliable call tracking service is important. The problem is, on average, only 30% of incoming calls are tracked.

ROI: Are You Getting the Most for Your Effort and Money?

A straightforward way to look at this concept of return on investment is to consider what you’re putting into something versus what you’re getting out of it. Oftentimes, this is considered strictly in terms of dollars.

This includes set-up costs and monthly fees to a provider, and also maintenance, upgrades, and electricity or other auxiliary costs associated with a service (for instance, the cost to power on-site servers for an in-house phone system).

Also, costs go beyond cash output. Your time and effort are costly, too. What’s a headache or your stress worth?

There’s the time you spend fixing problems, efforts to deal with maintenance or renewing contracts, time you spend overseeing the account, efforts made to research new and better services—the list goes on.

Car Sales: How This All Comes Together

You know, car sales is a competitive marketplace. Every single advantage you can provide to your team makes a difference.

At the core of great sales is a great phone and tracking system, or as we’ve said before: better communication is better selling.

A better communication system is efficient, dependable, up to date, and low maintenance. It provides a reliable cloud-based phone service that dealers can use across multiple devices. This excellent cloud-based system allows your team to work from anywhere.

It has call tracking baked into the system so that zero leads are lost, 100% of all communication is recorded, and there’s no redundancy in the services (it also seamlessly links to your CRM!).

It makes sure that your costs are lower but the service is great. And it ensures fewer hassles because you only need to call one vendor for all your phone and tracking questions and needs.

AllComm Auto Links This All Together, Better

At AllComm Auto, we saw ways to improve auto dealership communications and lower costs. We have years of experience in the telecom industry, and we focused on improving the systems used by auto dealerships. On average, we save dealerships up to 50% on their telecom fees, and we provide more effective, more reliable, up-to-date telecom solutions.

Our system is also future proof—it can scale to your business over time and upgrade automatically. We consider all these component parts—auto dealer phone systems, call monitoring, ROI, and car sales—to create the most comprehensive solutions for dealerships.

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