Your phone system is directly linked to your sales. Most people calling a dealership are ready to buy. If your phone system isn’t connecting them to you, that’s lost revenue. 


And it’s not just the lost revenue of that sale. It’s the lost revenue from the many future sales you could have made with a loyal client. 


You can address this by making sure your communication system is up to date. 


At AllComm Auto, we’re experts in the telecom business. We’re here to help you find the right system for your needs. We’ll make sure it’s cost effective and efficient. And we’ll ensure it’s reliable and secure. 


We’re one of the only agencies to work specifically with auto dealerships, so we know your pain points and how to resolve them. 


This is what we’re seeing and how we handle it. 


Cloud Phone Systems

For business phone systems, including car dealerships, cloud phone systems are what we recommend. And we aren’t alone. This is a major trend and we can expect to see it continue. 


Cloud systems provide the best security, reliability, and flexibility. They’re also cost effective, and they require minimal maintenance. 


Our dealership clients appreciate how easy it is to switch to a cloud system and how much smoother their customer interactions are. We’ve heard more than one comment about how they didn’t realize the challenges they were facing with their old system until they experienced how much better a new system could be. 


Getting the Best System For Your Business

AllComm Auto knows what the latest offerings are in the telecom world because it’s been our business for over 20 years. We have very well established relationships with over 200 carriers and we are deeply familiar with their technology, they’re pricing, and the details of what their systems can do. 


Our stellar team has also immersed themselves in understanding how dealerships work from a communications standpoint. AllComm understands how to partner with single or multiple rooftop dealerships, how to navigate between departments, and what unique demands to anticipate along the way. 


AllComm Auto meshes these two areas of expertise to make sure you’re getting precisely what you need. We know that on average, businesses switch phone systems every 25 years, so we have your long-term interests in mind. We’ll also service your account for its lifetime, so your ongoing satisfaction is something we’ll continue to look after. More on that further down. 


Getting Sales Calls to Salespeople

A key focus for us – because it’s a key aspect of you being able to sell cars – is helping you get sales calls to sales people. It bears repeating: most people who are calling a dealership are ready to buy. Having a knowledgeable salesperson able and ready to pick up that call when it comes in is very important. We can assist that process in several ways. 


We can make sure your system is set up to route calls properly and get sales calls to salespeople. If you’re converting to a cloud based system, you’ll also get that added flexibility of a salesperson being able to answer the call without having to be at the desk when the call comes in. They’ll be able to pick up incoming calls on whatever device they’re using, wherever they are located. 


We can offer systems that track every single incoming call so that you see when sales calls are getting missed, and who is missing them. This allows you to staff appropriately. The only way to solve the problem of missed sales calls is to have some way of knowing when they happen. 


Going further, our all-in-one call tracking and phone communication platform makes it possible for you to track every inbound AND outbound call (texts and IMs, too), on all connected devices, from start to finish. Including your sales staff’s cell phones which is a real game changer. And, it syncs directly to your CRM. 


Our Exceptional Customer Service: There Today, There Tomorrow

We mentioned that we will service your account for its lifetime. And we mentioned that we expect you to keep your phone for a few decades or more. That means that we want you to be happy, for years to come. 


We have a full back-office staff that is dedicated  to managing all of your customer service needs: questions, problems, maintenance issues, or upgrades. We stand apart from most other brokerage firms in this regard. 


With AllComm Auto you don’t need to call the phone carriers or repair people or maintenance servicers or any other entity to deal with your phone and internet needs: we handle it all for you. 


We Keep Up On Trends, You Keep Up On Car Sales

It’s important for car dealerships to know what new technology is available in telecommunications because the phone is imperative to the success of  your business. But knowing all the details, plans, carriers, systems, technology—it’s a business unto itself. We know because that’s what we do. 


AllComm eliminates all of the research and negotiations you would have to do to manage this on your own, and deliver you the systems that you need. We back that up with ongoing, dedicated customer service. 


The telecommunication trends are toward fully integrated internet and phone cloud systems, and we know how to get you there, and keep you there.

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