Updating Your Auto Dealership Phone and Communication System: Is It Worth It?

An auto dealership phone and communication system is the front line of sales. 


Consider this fact: the majority of people who call a dealership are looking to buy a car. Their call is your sale. That sale is why your business exists. 


So yes, it is absolutely worth it to have an updated phone and communication system. 


Perhaps You’re Thinking: But, Our (Old) Phone System Works Just Fine


We hear this often. The phones you have aren’t broken, you’re busy running a business, so why bother with the hassle of making changes? 


Our answer is to make the changes. Why? Because we also hear this all the time: how thankful dealerships are when they update to a system that uses modern technology. We hear about how sales are better, sales staff is happier, and customers appreciate the seamless communication and ability to access a salesperson quickly. 


An Updated System Helps You Make More Sales


Very importantly, a modern phone and communication system can help you stop missing calls. Because, as was pointed out up top, a missed call can easily be a missed sale. Typically, people call a dealership because they’ve done their research and they’re ready to buy. If you don’t answer, they’re on to the next dealership. 


An up-to-date system can make sure calls are routed correctly and get into the hands of an available salesperson. Gone are the days when everyone must be tethered to a desk phone: now calls can be picked up directly on a salesperson’s cell phone, laptop, touch pad, or desktop computer. That person can be at their desk, on the lot, at home—wherever there is internet availability.

At AllComm Auto, we also understand how to set up systems that can track all missed calls and who missed them. This helps you understand why, when, and where calls are getting missed, so you can fix that. 


If your system is like many we see in the dealership world, you may not even know that there are calls being missed at all. Why leave the door open to this possibility? 


What Does an Updated Phone and Communication System Look Like? 


AllComm Auto understands that the world of telecom can be confusing and overwhelming. So we’ll cut to the chase. The one big and smart trend in business phones is moving to a cloud-based system. This is the current reality and future for any multi-device communication network, and dealerships are no exception. 


We call this a multi-device system, because it’s not just for phones: as we alluded to above, cloud-based systems can accommodate laptops, desk tops, cell phones, desk phones, and touch pads: any machine that has an internet connection is fair game. 


These systems are more secure, agile, and reliant than any of the older technology. We know that on average, businesses change phone systems only every quarter century, so these changes need to count. A cloud-based system is a change worth making. 


Why Update With AllComm Auto


At heart, AllComm is a telecom broker, and there are a lot of companies out there similar to us, but we stand out for dealerships in two very critical ways. 


AllComm is one of the only companies that focuses specifically on the very distinct needs of auto dealerships. We saw dealership needs that weren’t being met, and we learned how to meet them. Our stellar team brings over 20 years of experience in telecom and our expertise in the needs of auto dealerships to you. 


AllComm also have dedicated staff to service your account for as long as you’re with us. We don’t just sell you a plan and leave you to deal with it yourself afterward. We take care of answering your questions, taking care of issues and problems, and helping you with changes when you need them. One call for all your communication and phone needs for as long as you’re with us. That’s it.


It’s Easy to Update Your Phone and Communication System 


Our five-star team makes it easy for you to upgrade your system. We listen to what you want, assess what you have, and provide you with suitable options and transparent pricing. Our business succeeds only if you are happy for the long-term, so we make sure we meet that goal to the best of our ability. 


Another common bit of feedback we hear all the time: car dealers didn’t realize how bad their old system was and what a hassle it was. Updated systems are truly easier to use and, best of all, they help your team make more sales. 

Automotive Phone Trends and Customer Service: What You Need to Know

Your phone system is directly linked to your sales. Most people calling a dealership are ready to buy. If your phone system isn’t connecting them to you, that’s lost revenue. 


And it’s not just the lost revenue of that sale. It’s the lost revenue from the many future sales you could have made with a loyal client. 


You can address this by making sure your communication system is up to date. 


At AllComm Auto, we’re experts in the telecom business. We’re here to help you find the right system for your needs. We’ll make sure it’s cost effective and efficient. And we’ll ensure it’s reliable and secure. 


We’re one of the only agencies to work specifically with auto dealerships, so we know your pain points and how to resolve them. 


This is what we’re seeing and how we handle it. 


Cloud Phone Systems

For business phone systems, including car dealerships, cloud phone systems are what we recommend. And we aren’t alone. This is a major trend and we can expect to see it continue. 


Cloud systems provide the best security, reliability, and flexibility. They’re also cost effective, and they require minimal maintenance. 


Our dealership clients appreciate how easy it is to switch to a cloud system and how much smoother their customer interactions are. We’ve heard more than one comment about how they didn’t realize the challenges they were facing with their old system until they experienced how much better a new system could be. 


Getting the Best System For Your Business

AllComm Auto knows what the latest offerings are in the telecom world because it’s been our business for over 20 years. We have very well established relationships with over 200 carriers and we are deeply familiar with their technology, they’re pricing, and the details of what their systems can do. 


Our stellar team has also immersed themselves in understanding how dealerships work from a communications standpoint. AllComm understands how to partner with single or multiple rooftop dealerships, how to navigate between departments, and what unique demands to anticipate along the way. 


AllComm Auto meshes these two areas of expertise to make sure you’re getting precisely what you need. We know that on average, businesses switch phone systems every 25 years, so we have your long-term interests in mind. We’ll also service your account for its lifetime, so your ongoing satisfaction is something we’ll continue to look after. More on that further down. 


Getting Sales Calls to Salespeople

A key focus for us – because it’s a key aspect of you being able to sell cars – is helping you get sales calls to sales people. It bears repeating: most people who are calling a dealership are ready to buy. Having a knowledgeable salesperson able and ready to pick up that call when it comes in is very important. We can assist that process in several ways. 


We can make sure your system is set up to route calls properly and get sales calls to salespeople. If you’re converting to a cloud based system, you’ll also get that added flexibility of a salesperson being able to answer the call without having to be at the desk when the call comes in. They’ll be able to pick up incoming calls on whatever device they’re using, wherever they are located. 


We can offer systems that track every single incoming call so that you see when sales calls are getting missed, and who is missing them. This allows you to staff appropriately. The only way to solve the problem of missed sales calls is to have some way of knowing when they happen. 


Going further, our all-in-one call tracking and phone communication platform makes it possible for you to track every inbound AND outbound call (texts and IMs, too), on all connected devices, from start to finish. Including your sales staff’s cell phones which is a real game changer. And, it syncs directly to your CRM. 


Our Exceptional Customer Service: There Today, There Tomorrow

We mentioned that we will service your account for its lifetime. And we mentioned that we expect you to keep your phone for a few decades or more. That means that we want you to be happy, for years to come. 


We have a full back-office staff that is dedicated  to managing all of your customer service needs: questions, problems, maintenance issues, or upgrades. We stand apart from most other brokerage firms in this regard. 


With AllComm Auto you don’t need to call the phone carriers or repair people or maintenance servicers or any other entity to deal with your phone and internet needs: we handle it all for you. 


We Keep Up On Trends, You Keep Up On Car Sales

It’s important for car dealerships to know what new technology is available in telecommunications because the phone is imperative to the success of  your business. But knowing all the details, plans, carriers, systems, technology—it’s a business unto itself. We know because that’s what we do. 


AllComm eliminates all of the research and negotiations you would have to do to manage this on your own, and deliver you the systems that you need. We back that up with ongoing, dedicated customer service. 


The telecommunication trends are toward fully integrated internet and phone cloud systems, and we know how to get you there, and keep you there.

5 Benefits of AllComm Auto’s Complete Communication System 

We created AllComm Auto because we saw ways to improve the communication systems at auto dealerships. We are experts in the telecom business, and we noticed that the services most car dealers were using were costing them too much money and time. And we knew there was technology that would do a better job. 

We provide any telecom services you need; we offer individual as well as complete telecom services and solutions, with the aim of lowering costs and improving performance.

Our most popular solution is the All-in-One, cloud-based phone system and call monitoring service. It is simply the best, fully integrated communication platform for auto dealerships and was developed specifically with their needs in mind. Dealers can now turn to one vendor for all their telecom and call tracking needs. The cloud system is 100% more reliable and functions better than what dealerships have historically used. 

It utilizes new, flexible, simple-to-use technologies. Technologies that allow dealers to work across the multiple devices they, their sales people, and their customers use every day. Because better communication is better selling. 

This All-in-One solution offers many benefits; here are our favorite five. 

  1. Decrease Costs

On average, AllComm Auto saves dealerships 50% per rooftop on their telecommunications services with this solution. We’re able to lower the costs of your phone and call monitoring systems for five primary reasons. 

  • It’s more efficient. You pay for one integrated communication system instead of two or three overlapping, redundant services. 
  • All of your telecom needs are bundled with one provider. You no longer have to pay someone to negotiate and maintain multiple accounts, and you no longer have to pay your IT person to maintain in-house phone and server equipment or to navigate your clunky phone and tracking set-up. 
  • It’s housed in the cloud. You save on space, cooling, maintenance, and electricity costs associated with housing and upkeep of an on-site phone system. 
  • A unified communication platform for every department and every location. Whether you have a single rooftop or multiple locations, this solution streamlines your communication between every department and links locations to each other. 
  • Our relationships. We have a long background and strong relationships in the telecommunications industry. It’s where we got our start. Because of that, we can negotiate lower costs and we pass those savings on to you. 

If you want to know how much the AllComm all-in-one system can save you, we always invite you to contact us for a free consultation. You can also download this PDF for another look at how AllComm saves you money. 

  1. One Solution, One Vendor: Save Time, Hassle, Money

Most dealerships navigate several different providers to get their telecom and call tracking needs covered. This is because historically that’s been the only way to get these service needs met. That isn’t true anymore. The technology is here, and it’s time for an upgrade.

This single solution utilizes a flexible cloud phone system while tracking all calls, IMs, and texts from start to finish, and it allows sales execs to easily switch between devices while seamlessly syncing all of that data directly to your CRM. 

  1. Stop Losing Leads 

The traditional call tracking system requires you to hire a 3rd party call tracking or call monitoring service to gather data on a portion of your calls. Unfortunately, on average, only 30% of inbound leads are monitored and the 3rd party owns the phone numbers you”rent” from them. Said another way: you are missing data on approximately 70% of leads. You should be asking yourself questions like: What happened with all of those leads?  Where did they come from? Did they convert? Did a sales person take them to another dealership when they left your business?

This lead loss is especially high with sales conducted via mobile phone calls, which is increasingly becoming how people do business. Not only is mobile phone data not typically tracked or synced to your CRM, sales people are able to take all of those valuable contacts, YOUR contacts, with them. 

Considering that every lead is a potential sale, this is an enormous potential loss to your bottom line. It’s important that your communication and call tracking system can adapt with the changing times. 

With the AllComm solution, dealerships own all of their phone numbers (including sales execs mobile numbers) so you keep all of your contacts while tracking every lead, no matter where it comes from. We capture every cell call, desk call, text message, and IM. With this complete reporting, you’ll also have a much clearer picture of what marketing efforts are working to generate not just leads, but which leads convert to sales. We track every lead from start to finish. 

  1. Excellent Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing impeccable account management and customer service, and firmly believe that value is what sets us apart from any other telecom provider. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about our products and services, and our focus is on providing this service to auto dealerships. We know a lot about your pain points and how to help you find solutions. 

AllComm Auto wants you to get the information and assistance you need quickly and leave you with a smile. We aim to not just provide you with a product that is efficient and easy to use, but also the ongoing service to make sure that product delivers for you day after day. 

  1. Future-Proof

In essence, we see this all-in-one solution as the ideal replacement of outdated technology with  current possibilities. We saw the cost efficiency, reliability and scalability of cloud-based phone systems, and reimagined how they could be integrated to solve the issues we saw in auto dealer telecommunications. Working with emerging technology, we offer a simple solution that is easily updatable and designed to flex over time as needed. 

We call this future proofing, and it means that we can continue to seamlessly maintain and improve your services with changing times. It also means we can accommodate whatever specific changes you may need in the months and years ahead. The system can scale to accommodate no matter what your business demands over time. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We know that your communications and tracking system is vitally important to your business. We see how your phones, call monitoring, ROI, and sales are linked. We’re here to help you make better communication happen.

Auto Dealer Phone Systems, Call Monitoring, ROI, and Car Sales: How They’re Linked

Car Sales Person on cell phone Auto Dealer Phone Systems, Call Monitoring, ROI, and Car Sales: How They’re Linked

Auto dealer phone systems, call monitoring, ROI, and car sales—every element is critical to your dealership business. And they are all linked: here’s how.

Your Phone System is Your Lifeline

At auto dealerships, your phone and communication system is your link to clients and potential customers—it’s your most important sales technology. If your system doesn’t work well, if it’s old or inefficient, you’re at risk of losing leads and of losing sales.

Customers, especially in the time of COVID, want and oftentimes expect to communicate seamlessly, from and to anywhere, and in a variety of ways: on the phone, via texts, over video chats. They want to be able to exchange photos and documents. They want to be connected to their salesperson easily and smoothly.

You want that, too. You want your sales staff to feel organized and professional. You want them to be able to access the tools they need to create the best experiences possible for callers.

If your phone system can’t deliver, if your customer’s experience is clunky and unreliable, you risk them looking elsewhere. If your sales people are frustrated by lost messages, incomplete information, and a poorly functioning communication system, they won’t be able to do their job well. This business is too competitive to risk on an outdated, inefficient system.

An integrated system that works across multiple platforms and devices is a step in the right direction. Additionally, a cloud-based phone system is becoming the industry standard.

Call Monitoring (aka Call Recording, Call Tracking, and Call Reporting)

In hand with your phone system, this is how you keep track of incoming leads as well as monitor sales team performance and client interest. How you get and keep customers is the heart of your business. Key insights about both of those metrics come from your call monitoring system:

  • Where your are leads coming from
  • What callers are asking for
  • Which leads convert to sales
  • Which salespeople are closing and why
  • Call quality and duration
  • How salespeople are interacting with callers

Certainly there are even more valuable takeaways from this service, but the point is clear: a reliable call tracking service is important. The problem is, on average, only 30% of incoming calls are tracked.

ROI: Are You Getting the Most for Your Effort and Money?

A straightforward way to look at this concept of return on investment is to consider what you’re putting into something versus what you’re getting out of it. Oftentimes, this is considered strictly in terms of dollars.

This includes set-up costs and monthly fees to a provider, and also maintenance, upgrades, and electricity or other auxiliary costs associated with a service (for instance, the cost to power on-site servers for an in-house phone system).

Also, costs go beyond cash output. Your time and effort are costly, too. What’s a headache or your stress worth?

There’s the time you spend fixing problems, efforts to deal with maintenance or renewing contracts, time you spend overseeing the account, efforts made to research new and better services—the list goes on.

Car Sales: How This All Comes Together

You know, car sales is a competitive marketplace. Every single advantage you can provide to your team makes a difference.

At the core of great sales is a great phone and tracking system, or as we’ve said before: better communication is better selling.

A better communication system is efficient, dependable, up to date, and low maintenance. It provides a reliable cloud-based phone service that dealers can use across multiple devices. This excellent cloud-based system allows your team to work from anywhere.

It has call tracking baked into the system so that zero leads are lost, 100% of all communication is recorded, and there’s no redundancy in the services (it also seamlessly links to your CRM!).

It makes sure that your costs are lower but the service is great. And it ensures fewer hassles because you only need to call one vendor for all your phone and tracking questions and needs.

AllComm Auto Links This All Together, Better

At AllComm Auto, we saw ways to improve auto dealership communications and lower costs. We have years of experience in the telecom industry, and we focused on improving the systems used by auto dealerships. On average, we save dealerships up to 50% on their telecom fees, and we provide more effective, more reliable, up-to-date telecom solutions.

Our system is also future proof—it can scale to your business over time and upgrade automatically. We consider all these component parts—auto dealer phone systems, call monitoring, ROI, and car sales—to create the most comprehensive solutions for dealerships.

AllComm Auto’s All-in-One Communication Platform: The Best Auto Dealership Cloud Phone and Call Tracking System

Car Sales Woman on Phone AllComm Auto’s All-in-One Communication Platform: The Best Auto Dealership Cloud Phone and Call Tracking System

We created AllComm Auto to make car dealership communication and call monitoring easy, integrated, and cost-effective. Our company exists solely to make client communication easier and more reliable for auto dealerships.

We understand that good communication and lead tracking is at the foundation of what is most important to all auto dealerships: car sales. We saw that the phone and call tracking systems dealerships were using didn’t function well together. We also saw a way to fix the problem.

We partnered with leaders in communication and tracking to bring dealerships the best all-in-one system that’s easy to implement, use, and maintain. One call, one solution.

The Problem We Saw

We saw that dealerships were using separate vendors for their call tracking services and their phone systems. They may also have a separate cell phone provider, a wireless internet provider, and then an in-house IT person to oversee everything.

The phone services were most often outdated (and expensive) land-lines. Or maybe they’d been updated to on-premise PBX systems, which leave dealers with the burden of storing and maintaining the expensive equipment that keeps the system running.

In both cases, you, the dealer, are locked in to using the on-premise system, or tapping into the WiFi system at that location. This has become a particularly limiting or troublesome issue with the huge increase in remote working and sales due to the pandemic.

Then there’s the call tracking, which is essentially an expensive secondary phone system that overlaps your existing on-site PBX, which fields your dealership calls. The service is critical in determining what marketing sources are pulling in customers but limited in its capabilities and costly to run.

Furthermore, on average, only 30% of inbound calls are tracked. This holds especially true for work done over mobile phones. And given the times, that’s where a lot of business is and increasingly will be getting done.

Those lost leads are a costly inefficiency; those are potential car sales completely lost.

So that’s what we saw: patched-together, overlapping, expensive systems that weren’t getting the job done well. These systems also aren’t able to change and grow with how you’re doing business today or how you’ll be doing business in the future.

To top it off, these independent systems require you to manage numerous vendors, various types of services, differing contract cycles, and very likely pay an IT person to oversee it all.

The AllComm Solution

We took the problems we saw, formed partnerships with those who could solve them, and streamlined it all into a single solution. With our partners, we engineered a system that integrates call tracking into a hassle-free, reliable, and secure cloud-based phone system.

Now you can track and report 100% of your leads and client interactions. Nothing is lost. Not one call, text message, or IM. This ability to track every from start to finish is what really has a positive impact on your ROI; we see it again and again.

It doesn’t matter if the interaction happens on a cell phone, touch pad, desktop, or laptop. It doesn’t matter if the communication happens in the office, on the lot, or in your salesperson’s home office. With AllComm, you can capture it all.

You also own your phone numbers, so salespeople can’t take leads with them if they leave. And everything syncs to your CRM.

Further, we recognize that not all dealerships need a complete system replacement or overhaul. While most of our clients find that the all-in-one solution is the best fit, we do offer other system and solution options.

At our core, we are in the telecom business and we are experts in the telecom field. We have years of experience and strong relationships with hundreds of providers. This gives us the ability to offer a wide selection of solutions. We take pride in knowing our products well and being able to recommend the best options for you.

One Vendor, One Call, A Lot of Savings

At AllComm, we manage everything from securing your phone and internet provider, to making sure your entire system runs smoothly, start to finish. Whereas before you had multiple vendors to manage, now you only need one.

And we save you money. Our well-established telecom provider relationships give us the ability to negotiate lower rates, which we pass along to you.

On average, dealers save 50% on telecom services with AllComm. This is due to eliminating the need for multiple vendors with overlapping services and because we get better rates than you can get on your own.

So to recap: our cloud-based system and services work better; they can change with your business’s changing needs; and we are only one call away when you need anything. We’ve got you covered.

Exceptional Service

AllComm exists with a single aim: to make sure car dealerships have the best communication and phone tracking systems.

We listen to our clients, evaluate their needs, and work with them to identify and select the best options for their business. That may be the all-in-one solution or individual services. We’ll walk you through the process, clearly and efficiently.

Not only do we prioritize expert service, we also want to make sure your experience with us is enjoyable. We call it “white glove service,” and it’s a top priority. When you call with a question or problem, you’ll get fast, thorough answers and solutions, with a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable representative.

Better Communication Is Better Sales

Your business is selling cars, and the only way to do that is by communicating with your buyers. When you have a system that works, it supports those efforts, so you can focus on the work of selling.

We provide ways to dramatically improve dealer communication systems, and we engineered the first all-in-one cloud-based phone and call tracking system for auto dealerships.

A Cloud-Based Phone System: What Is It and 5 Reasons Your Dealership Needs One

A Cloud-Based Phone System: What Is It and 5 Reasons Your Dealership Needs One

Communication is the foundation of any car dealership’s business, and a cloud-based phone system provides the most seamless, reliable, cost effective communication. Also, it’s far less hassle and allows you and your staff to work from anywhere, anytime. 

But before getting too far into how awesome this is, let’s start with a short primer on what we’re talking about when we’re talking about a cloud phone system.  

What Is a Cloud Phone System?

Let’s start by identifying what “the cloud” is: this is a rather poetic name that refers to a not-so-poetic collection of servers—aka, lots of computers housed in a huge warehouse—that store data and provide computer-based services. You, the user, connect to this cloud—these remote computers—through the internet. 

This short video provides a basic explanation, click here. 

When you work through a cloud system, you aren’t housing the servers needed to manage, maintain, run, or house the data and software needed for whatever service you’re using. You also don’t have to worry about backing up files. 

In the case of cloud-based phone systems, the service provided to you is the robust functionality you need in a phone system as well as storage of all information gathered from that system. 

More specifically, a cloud system can give you the ability to create a network of communication devices linked to a phone number or numbers and route and queue up calls as desired. 

If it’s programmed into your system, you can also track information about every ingoing and outgoing call on those numbers, even if they’re routed to multiple locations. Of course, included with this system is the ability to make and receive phone, text, and video communication, and send and receive documents. And again, it all happens via the internet. 

Now that you know the basics of what these systems are, let’s get into the upsides they provide to auto dealerships. 

1. Greater Reliability and Resilience

When you have one system that all works together, everything is in one place and accessible from wherever you are. You’re also not tasked with overseeing the maintenance of on-premise servers or other equipment. 

Cloud services tend to be highly reliable and more resilient in the case of a power outage or other disruption. And, since cloud services build in redundant backup, the chances of your data getting lost are extremely low.

You’re also saved from the hassle of backing up data yourself. No more external hard drives, CDs, or other items you have to store and organize. 

2. A Cloud System Is Agile

You and your staff are free to roam! Wherever there is connectivity, your cloud-based system will work. It is not tethered to any one location. In this time of uncertainty and need to connect with staff and clients remotely, this type of system ensures that you’ll stay well connected. 

And you can freely switch between your internet-connected devices: 

  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

Want to jump on your touch tablet when you’re on a video call with a client, so you can walk over and show them the interior details of the car you think they’ll want to buy? You can do that. Prefer your primary desktop computer to go through all the details of your customer interactions? Yes, you can do that, too. Any device, all access. 

This system is agile in another way, too: you’re no longer burdened by housing the servers, wires, and other equipment that power an in-house phone system. This saves you physical storage space as well as the electricity costs of keeping those servers running. And you don’t have to worry about maintenance contracts, meeting service people to keep your machines running well . . . and all of the other annoyances that come with having to oversee the welfare of system hardware. 

3. Improves Customer Interactions

Appearances matter in sales. And client experiences are the difference between making not just one sale, but also developing a relationship with a repeat customer. 

A fully integrated system that provides easy access to all the data you want and need in order to have informed interactions makes your communications smoother and more organized. In addition, like it or not, savvy shoppers appreciate and oftentimes expect communication that incorporates all the technology they use every day. This is especially true with big ticket items like cars. 

This is as much about wowing clients with your up-to-date communications capabilities as it is meeting their expectations. 

4. So Much Functionality

We’ve hinted at this already, but a huge benefit of using a cloud-based phone system is that it is so much more than a network of telephones. It can accommodate audio, video, text, and documents. And because it’s all done through one system, all your data and communication information is stored in the same place for easy access. 

For management and owners, this means you have one place to go to oversee all of the communication, in its many forms, that’s happening in your dealership, whether you have one location or many. 

Speaking of dealerships, the people behind AllComm Auto specifically considered the needs of auto dealerships and built that functionality into their system. In addition, there is the ability to customize your service, when it comes to routing, messaging, queuing, and more. 

5. It’s Future Proof

Future proof is simply a fun way of saying that these systems update and develop as needed. Just like you have updates to your phone or computer programs and operating systems, a cloud-based phone system stays up to date via changes that happen automatically. What this means for you is that your system won’t be obsolete in a few years. 

In addition, this is a system that can scale with your business over time. 


Life Off the Cloud

Of course, you can maintain the systems you currently use. What you are likely finding, however, is that this requires patching together multiple services on your own, and maintaining every one of them. And, because these services were each created separately, they typically don’t function smoothly together. Also, outdated services are, well, outdated. There’s a reason something new came along.

Patched-together systems are not only cumbersome, but they’re not very efficient. Cobbled together auto dealership communication systems often suffer from having overlapping services and costing more than integrated services—and they don’t tend to even work that well. You’re left with headaches and a leaky system. 

A newer cloud-based system, like AllComm Auto, takes into consideration all that dealerships are looking for and puts it in one efficient, cost-saving package. 

Put another way, cloud-based phone systems are a solution to a problem that hits at the core of auto dealership success: good communication with your buyers.