Revolutionize Your Communications.

Introducing the only All-in-One integrated phone and call tracking solution, perfectly built for auto dealerships.

Your phone system and call tracking services should work seamlessly together, right?

With AllComm Auto’s new All-in-One communication solution, call tracking is built directly into your phone system and completely integrated into your CRM.

This single solution eliminates the need for multiple phones carriers, call tracking providers, and IT maintenance by offering these services in one simple solution at a fraction of the cost.

Record 100% of all inbound and outbound calls, texts, chats and FB messages across multiple devices, and sync them directly into your CRM system.

How Does It Work?

When you implement AllComm Auto’s system – the phone on your desk, the phone in your hand, the texts you send out, the messages you receive – they are all tracked through a single business line and posted directly to your CRM. This allows you to track every sale back to its original lead source, have better visibility into the sales lifecycle, and ensure that you never lose sight of a lead again.

On average, our competitors track 30% of calls with a lot of effort, then they lose track of the lead once it comes through the door. PLUS they charge 3X more.

Capture All Communication

Desk Phones 100%
Cell Phones 100%
Text Messages 100%
IM Messages 100%


Communications at your dealerships will run smoother, be more accurate, provide better insights into employee performance and lead sources, and tie directly into your CRM. Real time status, any time and from anywhere.

Never Lose a Lead Again

Record and Report 100% of every text, chat and message across multiple devices from a single business line that syncs directly into you CRM system for real time, anywhere reporting.

Spend Less, Get More

Cut your costs in half by eliminating the need for multiple vendors and services and streamlining 3 services down into 1.

Created for Auto Dealerships

The All-in-One solution was developed to eliminate the pain points and communication frustrations of auto dealerships and make them more successful.

Increase Your Marketing ROI

Assign unlimited DID numbers with the click of button. Track every lead from it’s original source through the life cycle of the sales process so that you can trace the exact path of a lead.

Simple, Scalable, Updateable

Cloud-based software allows you to easily scale to your needs, quickly make updates with no on-site impact, and provides back-up with multiple redundancies so that your system is never down and you never miss a call.

Increased, Customized Reporting

It’s your data, we just store it for you. We create customized reports detailing every metric you want – you name it, we can build it.


The communication needs of auto dealerships are complex. Simply tracking a lead from start to finish isn’t enough. You need more. Much more. That’s why we have designed a communication platform that works for you, not against you.

  • Record 100% of all inbound and outbound phone, text, and instant messages
  • CRM Integration of All Communication
  • Cloud-Based Resiliency and Reliability
  • Unlimited DID’s with 1-Touch Number Assignment
  • Real People are Enough, No Need for AI
  • Number Porting
  • Soft Phone for Mobile Access and Hot Desking
  • Easily create and edit Ring Group and Call Queues
  • Advanced Dial Plan Editor and Call Trees
  • Multicast and Overhead Paging Integration
  • Contact Center Features
  • Simple, Intuitive Interface
  • Sales Coaching and Training
  • Custom and Real-Time Reporting:
    • Employee Scoring and Report Cards
    • Call Monitoring by Person and Department
    • Number of Appointments Set
    • Inbound/ Outbound Calls
    • Real-Time Reports
    • Marketing Campaign Reports

AllComm Auto is the industry leader in providing advanced, customized telelcom solutions for auto dealerships. Their expertise, reliability and drive for results makes a difference in what matters most to their clients – success in sales.

Learn more about how we can improve your phone system and call tracking performance.